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I am Alizée Bollen, an impact driven creative working together with like minded poeple to bring change through design thinking. My focus is in applying this way of working to brand development and art direction to build captivating concepts.

Having lived in multiple countries my creative is rooted in the multicultural experience. My passion stems from a need to equalise disparities, in the only way I know how: Design. 

Curiosity is at the core of my process, I love to understand and research, unveiling the deeper layers within a story - that is were real ideas are sparked. My work spans various media to accomodate the narrative I am telling, although at the moment all things AI are peaking my interest. 

Get in touch and let's brainstorm!

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by Alizée 

Brand Design - Art Direction - Social Responsibility

I am putting Social Responsibility at the centre of design and creativity. 

What is
Social Responsibility ?

To me it is:

Acting in the best interest of society and the environment, closing the gaps between the marginalised and dominant cultures, people and ways of doing. 



YOUNG  / The Agency

Haagse Hogeschool


AMARU an ACE Agency.

April 2022 - Current

Junior Creative Director 
September 2020 - October 2021

for the Lectorate of Diversty and Inclusion

Graphic Designer + Front end Web-Designer + Brand Consulting

2019 - 2022

Graphic Design + Art Direction

September 2019 - Current

(Mainly working with Aminata Cairo)

Skills         Interests

Brand and Identity

Art Direction

Graphic Design 

Concept Development

AI Artsist

Production Treatment


3D + Motion 


Creative Strategy

Say hello
and let's go grab a coffee.


KVK: 75494531

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